Mass Bookings

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Join us for Mass!


The maximum number of people permitted to attend Mass is currently 50.

If you wish to attend Mass, you will need to book a separate place for every person in your group who will be coming – including children.

Unfortunately, if you arrive at Mass and have not booked a place, we will not be allowed to let you in. This is a situation that we very much regret, but it is beyond our control.

For instructions on how to use the booking system, please click here.

Please spread the word to any parishioners you may know who do not have access to the Internet.


If you know of anybody who is having difficulty booking a place at Mass for any reason whatsoever, please let us know so that we can help out.

In addition to the Vigil and Sunday Masses, there will be two weekday Masses celebrated at St. Mark’s every week: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10.00 am.

The obligation to attend Mass is still suspended but public Masses are back on at St. Mark’s in Oxgangs!

To facilitate social distancing and ensure the safety of everyone in attendance, numbers are limited, meaning it is necessary to book a place at Mass. This can be done through Eventbrite, where you will also find full details of what to expect.

Please note that you will be able to make bookings on behalf of others who may not have Internet access, although you will need to enter a name and contact telephone number for each booking.

Bookings for the Vigil Mass open at 5pm on Saturday of the week before and close at 6pm on the Friday immediately before.

Bookings for the Sunday Mass open at 10am on Sunday of the week before and close at 6pm on the Saturday immediately before.

For further details and to book a place for Mass, please click the relevant link below:



We have noticed that at most Masses, some people who have booked a place don’t turn up. Since places are restricted, please only book if you are definitely intending to come. If you are unable to attend for any reason, please cancel your booking (see your email confirmation from Eventbrite) and if you are having any difficulties doing that, please contact us.

If you are booking places for family or friends, you can do so without having to book a place for yourself.

Thank you!